If you’re visiting our site it means you’re looking to beautify your landscape in some way, shape or form! Since that’s what we do best we ask that you meander through our site much like you would a beautiful garden in hopes that our words and photos will showcase what we can do for you.

First and foremost we want you to know that Custom Landscape Services is a client driven company. While many profess it, we strive to achieve it. We start by returning your phone calls and conducting our business in a timely manner. The same goes for installation. Our crews show up for work on time and are supervised throughout the duration of the job. We take pride in the fact that we control the whole site, which means we oversee everything from grading, drainage and irrigation work to laying the pipes and groundwork for night lighting.

We understand that you don’t have time to hire and manage several different crews so we take care of it for you. Very simply, we tell you what we’re going to do and then we do it. Throughout the process we keep the lines of communication open in case you have changes or concerns. We’re proud to say that most of our clients wind up as friends, which says a lot about the way we conduct business.



Custom Landscape Services took time to get to know us and understand our concerns and priorities. They listened when we described the qualities we valued and came up with creative and practical ideas. A detailed drawing was presented with the complete plan. It was fascinating to watch the project unfold and surpass all our expectations.

The project was kept to budget and backed 100%. Additional work was contracted to develop other areas of the property. We were delighted with the results. Every day we are inspired and enriched by the beauty of our yard. Custom Landscape improved our property and created a home space that is useful and inviting.


Leslie and Brent Hobbs